“That’s It’s Folks, No Rapture, Don’t you be Fooled…~ This Week, A Spotlight Moment with Mr. Muran Veniszee a Heart and Liver Surivor, “A Mustard Seed of Faith can Change Everything””

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There is a 130 year old false doctrine that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 30 or so years within the various ‘Protestant type’ denominations of Christianity. And that is known as “The Rapture Of The Church.” I refer to the churches that take part in it as ‘Protestant type’ because it is impossible to narrow it down to any one specific denominational belief. Various forms and modifications of Rapture theories are followed by the Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Evangelical, Charismatic, Catholic Apostolic Churches, and others independent and hard to categorize. It is said that approximately 50% of Christian Churches teach some form of a Rapture Doctrine.

This false doctrine though veiled in its tenants, we simply refer to as the ‘Rapture Doctrine’ or the ‘Rapture Theory’. It incorporates many catch phrases such as the: “Rapture of the Saints”, “Rapture of the Church”, “Catching away of the Saints”, “Taking up”, “Gathering together in the clouds”,….

These are all terms used by the Rapturist (one who believes in a Rapture theory) describing their belief that prior to the prophesied Second Advent of Jesus Christ, a certain group of Christian people will be pulled off the earth to meet the Lord in the sky. Then, depending on which of the many variations of the Rapture theory you go by, those left on the earth will suffer at the hands of an antichrist and his by then corrupted world for a period of 3½ or 7 years (or some say a shorter time). Then, they say, will come the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. This does violence to the Biblical end-time chronology (as well as Scripture) in a most irresponsible way.

The Second Advent of our Messiah Jesus Christ is in fact Biblically sound Doctrine, it will happen! However, the Rapture theory fabricates a pre-Second Advent an advent, which is not in the Bible. In essence, what they have done is that they have made three advents out of the true two Advents of Jesus Christ as found in among other places, {Zech 9:9+10}. It is a falsehood created by man and added to God’s Word. In this Bible study we will thoroughly debunk the Rapture lie and explain not only its dubious origins, but also its cause and effect, and the extreme danger that such a false doctrine poses for God’s children.

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