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I Interview Mr. Chad Harbour of Spiritual Life Stories, A Legacy Writer…

The Purpose of my Blogs are to uplift and inform…

This Thursday, 7:00 pm est. time on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Jesusandwe

Let’s Take It To The WORLD

With his professional and passionate workmanship as a Legacy Writer, Chad has assisted many individuals and companies documenting and preserving their legacy, thus allowing them to share these timeless and priceless treasures for generations to come.

Chad is passionate about passing on our knowledge, character qualities, values, wisdom, morality, faith and life-lessons for generations to come for the betterment of our nation, communities and families.

His website @ http://www.SpiritualLifeStories.com allows users to write about their spiritual journey, invite others to read and collaborate. It is unique, innovative and interactive, a place where people of faith can document and share their spiritual legacy.

It’s free, fun and so needed.

Chad has 30 years of telecom executive experience. His passion is writing legacy biographies and company history heritage books.

He is the Author of How to Write Your Life Story in 5 Minutes a Day, it provides direction on how to write daily about one’s life, to capture those little moments “that if written down, they become special.”

Chad resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.

Contact information:


or call him by dialing

So Register for an Account’, then the magic begins. Write your spiritual legacy & share what really matters!

Listen to this interview and other studies at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Jesusandwe.

I will also be speaking on a “Testimony” from my book.

Visit my Website and pick up a copy of my book, HE LIVES, A Living Testimony for a friend or family member that maybe going through. Give the Gift that keeps on giving…

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