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Sharon V. Pellom is the eleventh child from a family of fourteen. She grew up in a small town in N.C. She graduated from Meredith College. She obtained an Associate degree in Science, a BA in Sociology and Minor in Education. Sharon owned and operated STS (Software Training Services) for fifteen years. She is a wife and mother of three sons. These testimonies are of her life’s walk on this earth with Jehovah God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Opening up her eyes and heart to the Lord has given her insight on who the Father is, who his Son is and the Holy Spirit. She has learned that you must want this walk for yourself. You must “Ask, Seek and Knock.” The Father is waiting with open arms. You will not remain the same. She believes man can’t give you what is meant for you from the Father. Jehovah has a plan, a plan yet to be completed. All are in that plan. It’s like being in a movie having your very own part to play. All parts lead back to the Creator. So “Ask, Seek and Knock”. Study to show yourself approved and do not leave your salvation up to any man. God does work through man, but the relationship is a vertical one, with you and Our Father. Come as a child. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the World.


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